Forum Guidelines - Please Read [Last Updated 14/08/2010]

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Forum Guidelines - Please Read [Last Updated 14/08/2010]

Post by Alicia on Tue May 04, 2010 12:23 pm

Forum Guidelines

We ask that all members please read this before posting on our forums.

Please refrain from using rude or offensvie language on the forum. This is a family friendly forum and any rude or offensive language or gestures will not be tolerated. Also, please do not use text language as some members may find it hard to understand. There is now a word censor in place so a lot of rude language will be replaced with ***

Post Content
We do not allow Advertising on the boards. We allow links to be posted in the Links section only and you must have at least 25 posts to advertise there, this is to cut down on the amount of people that join just for advertising purposes, as we feel it is something our members who contribute to the forum by posting should be able to do.

Creating multiple accounts
Forum Admins can check members IP addresses and we can tell if a member has created multiple accounts. We do not feel there is a reason for people needing to create multiple accounts, but if you feel the need to, please PM Alicia and let her know before you create an extra account

Showing/Exhibiton of Guinea-Pigs
We are a rescue friendly forum and do not allow the discussion of intentional breeding and/or the exhibition of guinea-pigs. Breeders and exhibitors are welcome on this forum but we ask that you please keep your showing/breeding talk to other forums. We do allow debate topics about showing and breeding, but these can often become heated so will likely be locked after a certain amount of tme if the forum staff feel talk is escalating into arguements. Any how-to threads on breeding and showing is not allowed and please do not talk about your show achievements/judging etc. here.

Rehoming Guinea-pigs (Rescues)
We are more than happy for Rescues to use this forum to advertise guinea-pigs for rehome. We hope to soon have buttons for members that run rescues so it is more obvious to new members what you do.

Rehoming Guinea-pigs (Private Advertisements)
Private Advertisements advertising animals are no longer allowed on the forum. You can post guinea-pig accessories and items but no animals.

Private Information
Please remember this is a public forum, we ask that you do not give out full names or addresses on the public forum. If you are purchasing an item from a member on the forum and you need to give this information to someone please do so by the Private Messaging System.

Photo Information
Please ensure the photos and images you post are no bigger than 600 pixels, this is so the forum loads quicker. If you have any problems or questions please PM an admin or moderator.

Avatar Infomation
Click here for information and help on how to get an avatar. Please make sure your avatar is no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels.

The Guinea-Pig Hutch Forum Staff reserve the right to remove/edit threads as and when we feel it is neccessary
Please check back regularly as these rules may be ammended at any time

Thank you,

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