Floortime, Runs & Exercise

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Floortime, Runs & Exercise

Post by Alicia on Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:53 pm


Guinea-pigs need a lot of exercise, and time out of their hutch or cage. They can either exercise in a run or have floor-time, which is when they run around the floor in your home. If you plan on letting your guinea-pig exercise indoors, block things such as wires off so your guinea-pigs cannot chew them and make sure they are in a secure area that they cannot escape from. Your guinea-pig should have at least 1 hour of his/her cage or hutch a day, although it is a good idea to let him or her out of their cage for as long as you can to give them as much exercise as possible.
You should not exercise your guinea-pig on a harness or lead, or using an exercise ball - these can seriously damage your guinea-pigs back.

Video of Floor Time


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