Hutches, Cages & C&C Cages

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Hutches, Cages & C&C Cages

Post by Alicia on Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:51 pm


When you get your guinea-pigs you have to decide where to house them. A lot of people think that indoors is the best place to house guinea-pigs, and it will most likely make them tamer because they would constantly be around humans and the temperature would be better for them. However, guinea-pigs can also live outdoors, in a hutch.
In the winter you should either bring your guinea-pigs indoors or in a shed, to prevent them from getting too cold.

Indoor Cages
Indoor guinea-pig cages are sold at lots of different pet shops and you can also buy them online. A lot of them are not big enough to house an adult guinea-pig, please remember if you have got baby guinea-pigs that they will grow bigger and you should make sure your cage will be big enough to accomodate them when they are adults.

C&C Cages
In my opinion, these are the best type of indoor cages, because you make them yourself, meaning you can make them to any size requirements. The bottom part of the cage is correx (or coroplast) that can be purchased from sign shops. The grids are put round the outside and can be bought from DIY stores or online. You can make more than one level if needed.

If you are planning to house your guinea-pig outdoors, they can live in a hutch. You can get these in lots of different designs, some have 2 levels, some are circular, and others. Make sure it is big enough for your guinea-pigs to live in comfortably.

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