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Food & Nutrition

Post by Alicia on Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:48 pm

Food & Nutrition

It is important that your guinea-pig gets all the foods it needs to stay healthy. There are so many different things - what to feed them?

Your guinea-pig should have an unlimited supply of hay. Hay keeps the guinea-pigs teeth to a good length and also aids their digestion. Just ordinary timothy hay is perfect for guinea-pigs. It can be bought from pet shops, but they are often in small bags and expensvie. If you have the space to store it, buying a bale or half bale from a farmer would be a lot cheaper and would last longer, and it is often very good quality hay.

Fruit & Vegetables
Guinea-pigs cannot make their own vitamin C and so they have to get it from their food. Because of this, guinea-pigs should have at least one cup full of vegetables per guinea-pig per day. Fruit should only be fed to guinea-pigs occasionally. To find out what fruit and vegetables guinea-pigs can and can't have click here.

Guinea-pigs should have a 'main food' although this should not be the main part of their diet, and once a guinea-pig becomes fully-grown he will not need very many pellets. Although when a guinea-pig is still a baby they should have unlimited pellets because they are still growing.
Pellets are better than mix-foods because they prevent selective feeding, where guinea-pigs pick bits out of the food that they like. Also mix foods normally have lots of unneccessary sugars and colourings in them which aren't very good for your guinea-pig.

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