The things I made for the guinea-pigs

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The things I made for the guinea-pigs

Post by Alicia on Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:59 pm

I started making guinea-pig sleeping bags last weekend and I've now made a sleeping bag and a tunnel for Amber (they were for Roy but they were too small) and I'm not working on a big sleeping bag for Roy, and I've made what I've been calling a piggy pillow, which I put inside the sleeping bag to make it more comfortable.

They aren't very neat and not quite finished because I need to cut some of the extra material away and sew a pipecleaner into the fold over bit but here they are anyway:

Sleeping bag and tunnel:

Amber in the sleeping bag:


Piggy Pillow:

It's filled with old extra pieces of fleece that I can't use for anything else to make it more comfy for the guinea-pigs.


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